La REVV G20 envoie le bois avec un son metal super précis, le TORPEO est passé par là, la qualité de fabrication du Canada n’est pas en reste, le tout dans un format compact qui va bien. Le mode 4 watts est très effice, le grain est là! une belle trouvaille du salon 2020 qui restera une valeur sûre un bon moment à coup sûre.  Retrouvez l’essai vidéo et le bon plan du moment sur le lien ci dessous.


The G20 offers 2 channels powered by 2 6v6 lamps and 3 12ax7 preamplification tubes for a power of 20 watts 
which can be reduced to 4 watts for playing at home. Thanks to the Reactive Load and the built-in virtual 
speakers of Two notes (and other virtual microphones, reverb equalizations), the user has 6 memory blocks via 
the amp button and up to 128 via MIDI among hundreds combinations offered on the Wall of Sound software.
 You can therefore easily choose to send the signal to the recording table or the broadcasting system, or simply play headphones in silence without even plugging your head into a Cab. We add to that an effects loop with Buffer and you just have to choose according to your style of play between the D20 and the G20.